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Learning to be Independent

Independence skills training

All residential students develop skills for independence by taking responsibility for tasks around the home. These include keeping their room and clothes tidy, meal preparation, washing up and cleaning. Outings at weekends to Wadhurst and Tunbridge Wells enable students to develop an awareness of keeping safe in the community. Students use their own money to buy personal items.

In the College all students take part in blocks of cooking sessions which focus on simple meal preparation. Out in the local community, students work individually with a tutor to develop road safety awareness and practise travelling on public transport.

Speech, language and communication

Being independent depends so much on being able to make choices and communicate our needs and wants. These aims are woven in to everyday life with the students at The Mount. We recognise that the key to the door of students’ communicative potential is Total Communication. The Speech and Language Therapist co-creates meaningful situations where students can practise their speech, language and social skills in whatever media are most accessible and dynamic for them.

English, Mathematics and ICT

In the workshop courses literacy skills are developed alongside the production of portfolios and craftwork. Workshop activities provide many opportunities for developing mathematical skills such as counting and measuring. Students are also able to access accredited work in English, Mathematics and ICT through working with a specialist tutor.

House co-ordinators support these skills through letter writing, reading for pleasure, visiting local shops for practice in handling money and also using e-mail.

Work experience

A work experience placement is normally one day a week for about 8 weeks. Placements are available throughout the programme. We always endeavour to find placements which meet a student's wishes and support their long term goals. We actively seek new placements and this means that the list of prospective providers is growing. Recent placements include: Sainsbury's, Tunbridge Wells (cafe and in-store work); Garden Centre, Tunbridge Wells (general assistant); Nutley Hall (bakery); Blackthorn Trust (garden, cafe and bakery); Care Home, Wadhurst (general duties); Sharpthorne Cafe (cafe and kitchen assistant); Wealden Health Food Shop; and Hempstead Forest Stables.

To help prepare students for external work experience we provide formal internal placements which include working in the laundry, kitchen and garden and on the estate.

travel training

travel training

ironing as internal work experience

ironing as internal work experience