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Every year The Mount Community welcomes a group of live-in international volunteer co-workers. No experience is necessary but a reasonably good ability in the English language is essential. Volunteers should ideally be at least 18 years old. The minimum commitment is for one year. We provide accredited training called The Mount Introduction Course with Care Certificate, accredited to Level 2.

Please Note: Recruitment for 2021 is now open.

However, due to the element of personal care that our volunteers need to give to students in the houses, we can only accept 4 or 5 male volunteers per year. This is because our female volunteers work with both male and female students, but the male volunteers can only give personal care to male students.

We have received many applications and unfortunately the spaces for male volunteers have already been filled. 

Important update on the situation regarding our Volunteer applications.

Since November we have remained positive and continued with the volunteer application process in the hope that all our overseas Volunteers would be able to join us in August 2021 and that we would be able to commence the visa process in the coming weeks. 
However, it has become clear from UK and overseas governments that this simply is unable to happen due to the severity of the coronavirus new variants which are continuing to spread the globe.  
Recently, the UK government have created a list of 33 countries from which entry to the UK is banned. The link to this list is here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): red list travel ban countries 
We cannot be at all sure that any of these countries will be removed from the list in the coming months and as the visa application process would normally be commencing in the coming weekswe feel that it is only fair for all parties that a decision has to be made now before any costs are incurred by applicants from these countries.
Therefore, it is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we have had to accept that our volunteers who are coming from countries that are on the UK travel ban list will not be able to get to us for the required start date and therefore won’t be able to join us this year August 2021- July 2022.
We very much hope that you will consider re-applying to join us in August 2022 when we hope that travel restrictions will be a thing of the past.
Best wishes from
The Volunteering Team


Volunteer vacancies

Our volunteers are responsible for helping and supporting students in the College or members of the Cohousing community. As they are usually the same age or just a little older than the students or supported Cohousing members, they can offer valuable peer support and friendship. Students, cohousers and volunteers living and working together create a spirit of responsibility and co-operation which nurtures self-awareness, mutual understanding and social creativity in a safe community environment. 

For an application pack and further information please click here

What young co-workers said after one year at The Mount:

"Living in this environment stimulates your own growth and self-development"

"Taking responsibility is challenging".

"It was the most interesting, intensive, valuable and exhausting year I ever had!"

"Being at the Mount as a coworker has been a gift. I've met friends for life, it unlocked a whole new view onto myself and the world around me."   

"To this day, I always think back to my time at the Mount, whether I'm struggling or doing well in life, because I learned so much from it."  

"A unique experience, where the handing over of love towards one another is fundamental; one learns to be family and community, so much so that they remain in my heart ever since."