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The Mount Camphill Community

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The Mount and Camphill

Founded in 1970, The Mount is one of five Camphill colleges in England and Wales offering craft-based education for young adults aged 16 - 25.

Over 100 Camphill Communities have been founded worldwide so that vulnerable people, many with learning difficulties, can live, learn and work together with others in a healthy social environment that is based on mutual care, respect and the spiritual integrity of every individual. Co-workers are committed to community living, a radical life choice that positively affects and underlies the ethos of the College.

Colleagues at The Mount have been working with innovative educational and social ideals for over 40 years and endeavour to give them expression by:

• fostering a cultural life so that students may learn to relate to the Christian festivals of the year, gaining hope, confidence and a deeper meaning in their lives;

• developing a moral capacity for social life through a full regard for the spiritual dignity of each human being;

• caring for the environment and the land, encouraging a consciousness in the students of human responsibility towards the earth.

a student with fresh bread he has made

a student with fresh bread he has made

festive table in a modern world

festive table in a modern world