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The Mount's Weavery is well equipped with a variety of looms that allow all aspects of hand weaving to be offered. Students experience textile production from preparing raw fleece to designing and creating woven fabrics in natural yarns with increasingly intricate patterns.

We also tend a small dye-garden which provides plants for natural dyeing. Students begin by making a simple frame loom and then using it to weave a colourful piece of fabric. They are encouraged to express themselves and to make choices within their individual abilities and learning styles. They will weave on a progression of looms over time, guided through colour and pattern choices as they awaken their artistic feeling for design. 

Increasingly deft co-ordination is required to create the beautiful, useful and colourful floor rugs, table-mats, cushion covers, wall hangings etc. that are used and appreciated around the community, at home or sold at local markets. 

The student sets the pace and within the warmth of the Weavery their gestures and concentration strengthen, their social awareness and sense of responsibility grow alongside their dexterity and confidence - all skills that will serve them well and are transferable to other life settings.