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The Board of Trustees operate as the company directors of The Mount Camphill Community Limited (Registered number 1004194) and trustees of the charity (Registered number 307027).

The Board generally has between 6 and 9 members at any time, drawn from members of the local community, past and present parents, and people working in anthroposophical establishments with similar aims to The Mount.

They meet at least 4 times per year providing strategic direction, and are responsible for ensuring activities and operations meet the charity’s objectives, and are carried out in accordance with the current legislative framework. Day to day management is delegated to the Community via the Co-ordinator’s Group.

Each trustee is assigned a critical area of operations to hold specific responsibility for, these include Ofsted and educational services, Finance and audit, CQC compliance, Safeguarding children and adults at risk, Staff development, Recruitment & selection, Supervision & appraisal, Business development and Training.

Alongside the Board of trustees works the Association of members of The Mount Camphill Community who are responsible for electing (or ratifying if temporarily co-opted) trustees, approving the annual accounts, appointing auditors and who work together to inform the future direction of The Mount. These individuals share a commitment to the aims, ideals, principles and future of the Community.

As a residential community The Mount is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission, and as an education provider is inspected by Ofsted.


The Mount is led by a Co-ordinators Group of 3 experienced professionals, covering the areas of Education, Care and Resource Management. This group reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

The Mount is a member of the Association of National Specialist Colleges (Natspec).

Key personnel

Chair of Trustees: Steve Briault (steve.briault@mountcamphill.org)

Coordinator for Care (Registered Manager): Sabine Hope (sabine.hope@mountcamphill.org)

Coordinator for Resource Management: Diane Hume (diane.hume@mountcamphill.org)

Coordinator for Education: Sara Garland

Profiles of Co-ordinators

Sabine Hope was born and grew up in Germany. She joined The Camphill Sheiling School in Ringwood in 1990. Since then she has also lived in Camphill Botton Village for 14 years. During this time she has completed a 5 year training in Eurythmy. Sabine came to The Mount in 2008. She was a house coordinator and carried a variety of other responsibilities like arranging work placements for students, responsibility for the Moving On training and for mandatory training arrangements. In 2013 she completed a level 5 in social care and management. Sabine lives at The Mount with her family.

Diane Hume (FCCA) joined The Mount as accountant in 2007, having previously worked for Manningtons Chartered Accountants and led the financial audit of The Mount. She acted as treasurer of Natspec (the Association of National Specialist Colleges) for 3 years and through this gained a much broader understanding of the issues affecting all Independent Specialist Colleges. In the past she has worked in a range of accountancy practices, as well as commercial businesses, a spell as bursar in a local primary school and work for various local businesses as a self-employed book-keeper. She grew up in East Sussex and lives locally with her family."

Sara Garland

Profiles of Trustees

Hellena Barnett grew up as a Camphill co-worker child and was educated in a Steiner school. After working in the equine industry, she returned to Camphill 14 years ago with her then young family initially as house parent in The Grange Camphill Community and then in Botton Village Camphill Community. Hellena moved to The Mount in 2009 with her family and is the house coordinator in the Briar Cottage. Her other main areas of responsibility are in the Safeguarding Group and as a trainer in Positive Behaviour Management for The Mount.

Steve Briault is an organisation consultant with 25 years’ experience of advising companies, government and voluntary organisations on management processes and structure. His early career was in the voluntary sector: adult and curative education, residential care management and refugee resettlement. This included co-founding and managing the Pennine Camphill Community and restoring the financial stability of a Waldorf School in the role of Administrator. He taught at the Centre for Social Development at Emerson College and is currently a Trustee of the College. He has been trustee and/or Chair of a range of other charities. Steve is the author of Working It Out, a handbook for violence prevention in work with young people, and of The Mystery of Meeting – relationships as a path of discovery. He is a founder member of the international Association for Social Development. He lives with his family in Forest Row.

Jo-anne King has worked out of Anthroposophy for the past 30 years and has played a key role in developing curricula specifically for this age group. For all of her working life she has worked with people, mainly young people with learning difficulties and until five years ago in Camphill Communities. In the last few years of her work at the Pennine Community her job was varied but she took a leading role in quality assurance for paperwork, supporting and training tutors, leading the introductory course and being part of the Admissions group, alongside co-worker recruitment and retention. Over the years she has survived 5 Ofsted Inspections and has the capacity to hold the overall vision required for the Trustee role. In the past she was Chair of Trustees for the York Steiner School and worked actively with the College of Teachers. Her main focus is that of education and how to support students in the learning process. Other skill include living with others and all that it entails.

Alasdair Paterson is the father of a former residential student currently at The Mount. He has studied agriculture and land management and is a Land Agent and Chartered Surveyor. Alasdair is also a Trustee at Scotts Project Trust in Tonbridge, looking after the supporting independence service. He particularly enjoys classical music, literature and gardening.