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trainee co-workers sharing in a student project presentation


Co-workers from all over the world spend a year working alongside the students, tutors and other experienced co-workers. As a short-term co-worker you will involve yourself on all levels with our young adults who have special educational needs, e.g. assisting in getting them up, helping them at bed time, and during the day supporting learning in a workshop or on the land. At the weekends, your support and initiative will be needed in taking students out and providing activities for, and with, them.

The Mount provides a full timetable of activities and responsibilities. This work makes considerable demands upon the time and energy of all co-workers, but this is compensated by the richness and value of experience to be gained while living in a community which strives to serve social, economic and spiritual ideals. We welcome any artistic gifts, especially musical, and would like to hear if you play an instrument! There will be plenty of opportunities to play, e.g. at festivals.

The Mount provides training for all volunteers in the form of The Mount Co-Worker Introduction Course. This has a three-fold approach based on theory, practical work and art. It includes the legally required induction/foundation subjects (e.g. First Aid, Food Hygiene, Health & Safety, Communication & Interaction skills, Learning to Learn) and subjects relevant to the ethos and philosophy of The Mount (History of Camphill, Diagnostics, Human development, Crafts, Anthroposophical Medicine, Festivals etc). Our whole way of living in community provides the context for the course, and the subject matter is covered in 1-2 teaching sessions per week and during House Meetings and celebrations. Assessment takes place through written work, presentations, group discussion and tutor observation. The course is accredited at Level 2 and is awarded to those who successfully complete the course.

At present we are looking for volunteers to commit both within the college (term time only), and in our new co-housing initiative offering adults the opportunity to live and work together in a meaningful way (full year).

If you would like to find out more about being a co-worker at The Mount you can contact us by sending an email to:


for current vacancies and an application form. Please note we give preference to applicants over 19 years who have a good knowledge of English.

What young coworkers said after one year at The Mount

"Living in this environment creates and stimulates growth of oneself and the world at large"

"Taking responsibility is challenging"

"It was the most intensive, interesting, valuable and exhausting year I ever had"

getting to know each other

getting to know each other

celebrating together

celebrating together