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eurythmy as a social art form


Eurythmy – from the Greek harmonious movement – is a sister movement to dance, a performing art which is also used worldwide in education and as an effective therapy.

It aims to awaken awareness of space, to strengthen social expression through the spoken word and music, making visible the cadences, intervals and rhythmic structure within the music. The value of rhythm underlies the ethos of The Mount.

Therapeutic Eurythmy can strengthen students’ own capacity to rebalance and enliven their spatial awareness, co-ordination and balance, their sense of self and others within a group.

In eurythmy students discover movement with live music and poetry and sessions aim to be harmonious and rhythmical, filled with meaning and beauty to enliven the imagination, listening and co-ordination skills.

The seasonal cycle of the year inspires the material we choose to work on in our beautiful octagonal hall with its modern coloured windows. Students enjoy moving together with their peers, learning to respond to the movement of the group.

Parents will notice increased uprightness and a greater awareness of right and left, of centre and periphery. Growing dexterity in feet and hands and raised confidence in movement lead over time to greater initiative and decisiveness.

At The Mount, a healthy breathing quality to living and learning ensures that each person can optimise his /her capacity to think, to feel and to do things in a meaningful, balanced and grounded way. Eurythmy underpins these aims on a directly practical and inspirational level.

eurythmy gestures

eurythmy gestures

standing tall and focused

standing tall and focused