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College 1 drama

Speech and Drama

Special attention is paid to the articulation and shaping of language. In recitation of poetry, we pay attention to the inner beauty of poetic language. Students with speech difficulties are led through speech exercises and the verbal expression of their own thoughts is encouraged. They practise by giving short talks, speeches or reciting poetry which gives artistic expression to their feelings.

Social games are fun and engaging, an enjoyable milieu which encourages positive relating to others, increases self- awareness, empathy, co-operation and gives the confidence to trust.

Movement and gesture encompass an awareness of space, as practised in eurythmy and Bothmer gymnastics; these support the movement and flow of speech.

Mask and mime work opens up the chance to communicate beyond the limits of speech. Students who find the conventions of communicating hampering can discover a new world of communicating through body language.

Drama is a valuable social tool, promoting healthy group dynamics, calling on the individual’s imagination, creativity and self control. Drama nurtures the soul, maturing the whole human being in the process, and it is not unusual that new unexpected abilities are unlocked.

Performance in its various forms and contexts plays an important part in students’ development and ability to work for common goals.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Parsifal fights the Red Knight

Parsifal fights the Red Knight