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The Mount Bakery provides bread, cakes and biscuits for the community, offering a meaningful learning and working environment which supports students' personal development.

Those who choose the Bakery course begin by making a biscuit recipe until competent to bake it by themselves with minimum support, later branching out into cake and pastry-making. 

Being able to produce food that is needed and appreciated by others gives each student a feeling of value and a sense of pride in their work. In their second year students focus on bread making. This is more demanding and new recipes are introduced in a way that enables students to participate fully and eventually take responsibility for a particular type of bread in the weekly production schedule. 

Repeating processes until confident independence is established gives students a strong sense of identity. 

Some students take a weekly batch of breads to the local health food shop, increasing independence and experience of selling. 

The bakery uses organic ingredients and produces yeasted and sourdough breads, rye bread, fruit loaves and baguettes, a variety of biscuits, cakes and patisserie, as well as birthday cakes and seasonal specialities