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Application Forms and Information

Please download the application form and the appropriate information sheet depending on whether you are applying for a College or Cohousing volunteer role and if you are a citizen of the EU (European Union) or not (Visa Tier 5)

Recruitment for 2021 is now open

Please Note:   Due to on-going Brexit negotiations we are unable to confirm at present whether European volunteer applications will require Tier 5 visa status or temporary settlement status. We will update as soon as possible. 

Update at 21st January 2021:  

Due to the element of personal care that our volunteers need to give to students in the houses, we can only accept 4 or 5 male volunteers per year. This is because our female volunteers work with both male and female students, but the male volunteers can only give personal care to male students.
We have received many applications and unfortunately the spaces for male volunteers have already been filled.