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A Unique Learning Environment

Students living, learning and working at The Mount benefit from a peaceful natural environment and inclusive social setting which foster and enhance healthy physical and emotional development and provide a strong foundation for meeting the individual need

Establishing and maintaining healthy rhythms of life is fundamental, and good patterns of sleep, regular mealtimes, work and recreation are vital. The cycle of nature through the four seasons and celebrating the festivals of the year form a greater rhythm which embraces all life in the community.

At The Mount the number of students is quite small so everyone working in the College and community gets to know them very well. Relationships formed within the community are firmly based on recognition of the individual, respect, equality, friendship and mutual support. 

The different house-communities have their own feeling and character and are person-centred within a mutually sharing environment. Households promote good habits and motivation, especially around the acquisition of self-help skills and care of belongings, the house and its surroundings. Students get involved in preparing food for themselves and others as well as taking turns in household tasks.

Most students quite quickly respond to their new environment in a positive way and the habits of a lifetime can change for the better. 

Students can find a space that allows them to be who they are at present, not excluded but included in a warm and accepting social group which can absorb the effects of sometimes challenging behaviour and move forward constructively in a mutually supportive atmosphere.

The guidance and care provided by community co-workers is enhanced by the understanding, kindness and support shown by students themselves from one to another.