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The Mount Bakery offers an environment where a range of wider skills are embedded within the skills of learning to bake i.e. functional skills, social communication skills, healthy eating awareness, motor skills and independence skills. The overall aim of the course is to provide a context within which the Students can develop their individual potential as fully as possible.

The students develop their baking skills alongside functional maths and English, for example developing a better understanding of weighing and measuring. Literacy skills are embedded throughout encouraging the development of language and vocabulary through poetry and word exercises whilst following recipes differentiated to an appropriate level for each student. 

Students are encouraged to develop social and communication skills with high level use of gesture during the sessions. Students recap and reflect upon their learning by sharing views and opinions. Social skills are further developed through teamwork e.g. cleaning and clearing tasks and running social enterprise activities.

The Bakery craft course is an integral part to our sensory curriculum offering students meaningful sensory activities such as kneading dough, shaping rolls and bread. Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as seeding rolls, egg washing, piping and decorating. Further sensory skills are explored through appreciation of smell and texture i.e. herbs and spices, zests, smooth melted chocolate, crunchy chopped nuts etc. 

The workshop is a focal point for the community and activities are meaningful, baking produce for weekly tea breaks, meetings, bread and rolls for the community and family events. In addition, the Bakery students engage in a variety of social enterprise activities for example a Pop-Up CafĂ©, supplying local businesses and charity fundraising events. 

The Bakery is led by our Bakery Tutor, Cathy Hall who has worked at The Mount for 14 years and lived in Wadhurst for most of her adult life. Cathy has achieved her Certificate of Education as well as Level 5 Teaching Functional English. Cathy also continues her professional development attending a range of baking courses to further extend and develop her professional practice. Cathy works closely with the house coordinators and parents to establish close relationships to facilitate transferring of skills to the home environment.