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Our innovative social enterprise workshops are being developed with members of the Cohousing community. The aim is to engage each individual in a work setting which continues to develop skills and enable them to contribute meaningfully to the needs of the community and beyond.

This forward thinking social enterprise development is creating a dynamic work environment for supported cohousers. This aims to be profitable, therapeutic and expressive of individual aspirations. 

Social enterprise activities empower people to learn how to motivate, challenge and express themselves through helping to develop a unique range of products and services.

We currently produce our own honey and beeswax candles, jams and preserves, herb teas, pottery, natural soaps, baked goods, felting, woodwork and garden furniture, as well as helping to cultivate and grow produce in the garden and maintain the estate.  These activities promote inclusive community building through collaboration with and support of the local community in the Wadhurst area and underpin the ambition to supply local shops and farmers' markets.

Gardening and estate work promote care and responsibility for the environment, especially through our organic/biodynamic methods, and supply the community with vegetables, fruit and flowers throughout the year. 

Cooking and food processing workshops are an important part of daily life, we also produce a variety of bread, rolls, biscuits and cakes for the community. There is a strong local interest and demand for the craft products in Wadhurst and the surrounding area.

The expansion of activities within The Mount is growing. We are exploring a wider network of potential work placements in the local community and we are now offering day placement opportunities. Social enterprise activities vary throughout the year.

For more information please email the Social Enterprise team by clicking here > Social Enterprise

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