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Therapeutic Education and Developing Skills-College curriculum overview

Students enjoy a varied programme including artistic activities, movement sessions of Bothmer gym and eurythmy, crafts and practical activities such as cooking, baking and gardening. They have individual sessions with specialist tutors in functional skill
College 1 

The main focus is on Introduction to Crafts - clay, felt, basketry, candle-making and forging. All crafts start with raw materials collected on site or nearby if possible, to enable the experience of the entire process from beginning to end, from source material to finished product. This involves a lot of sensory input and motor skill development. All work is recorded and logged in work books.

Life Skills sessions focus on basic cooking skills, travel training, budgeting and shopping skills, all activities integrated so that students visit local shops to purchase items for cooking the following week. 

Work Skills sessions develop around the whole process of planning and catering for tea breaks, and running a weekly tuck shop for the college, which involves a great deal of practice in numeracy and money handling.

Project groups in small mixed-year groups are chosen by students, including crafts, singing, cooking, cosmetic making , wreath making etc.

In the third term College 1 students have a different focus, attending taster sessions in each of the five workshops available for College 2 and 3. These are baking, weaving, pottery, cooking and gardening. the students are supported, including the use of visual prompts, to make their own choices of two workshops.

Also in the third term College 1 students participate in producing a play on the youth development themes of the medieval epic Parsival, which also incorporates elements from what has been learned in the gym and eurythmy lessons during the year.

College 2 and 3

Students begin to develop skills in their chosen workshops, making items for use at The Mount and items for sale at local craft fairs, building up a range of aptitudes and work practices which are a preparation for future work and towards the capacity for involvement in social enterprises.

Life skills and work skills sessions continue as before with the addition of internal work placements such as cooking, catering, laundry, office and maintenance. There is also a range of external work experience placements available, such as cafes, old people's homes, child care nurseries, shops and the local garden centre. In addition we offer a work experience focus week with a range of two- to five-day placements with local providers, including a pop-up cafe in the village. Students can also practise their skills at such events as Wadhurst Village Fair and The Mount Summer Festival.

Movement sessions and art activities also continue, including painting and form-drawing, nature journals and group projects.

In some circumstances, according to need, further training can be offered as a continuation and enhancement of previous development.

Across the College 

The College curriculum is supported at all times by the life in the houses and the community as a whole, including evening and weekend activities and organised excursions.

Specialised therapies are offered to individuals on a regular basis, usually on the recommendation of a doctor or other qualified professionals.