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Movement in the College Curriculum- Bothmer Gymnastics and Eurythmy.

Large and small-scale spatial and hand-eye coordination are essential for most forms of activity and are stimulated in countless ways throughout the curriculum and daily life of The Mount.

Learning through movement is especially emphasised and seen most explicitly in regular sessions of Bothmer Gymnastics and Eurythmy. They were both founded on ideas and guidance given by Rudolf Steiner and developed, refined and applied in educational and therapeutic settings all over the world in the last hundred years.

What is achieved over time is a change in how the young person develops a clearer, balanced and more centred sense of self in relation to their whole physical constitution and sensory experiences. 

The College offers holistic learning so that the students' physical development cannot be seen separately from their emotional wellbeing and intellectual and spiritual awakening. This is quite crucial to the therapeutic work taking place at The Mount. Similarly the work done at a therapeutic level is integrated and consolidated throughout the curriculum and life of the student.

Bothmer Gymnastics is an approach based on the study and understanding of the spatial dimensions and forces interacting with and through the human being. Students have group classes and individual sessions where needed.

Bothmer Gymnastics comprises a sequence of specially developed exercises, exploring and mastering weight, balance, uprightness and social awareness. Students enjoy activities such as rhythmic jumping, rope skipping, catching and throwing, falling exercises, balancing on wobble boards and stilts, rod-fencing and acrobatics. 

There are regular afternoon games sessions of hockey, volleyball and badminton, together with weekly trips to a local swimming pool and in the summer months the curriculum expands to include athletics, wrestling, discus and javelin.

Eurythmy is a new and complete art of movement (not to be confused with Dalcroze Eurythmics). It is a performance art with a boundless range of educational and therapeutic applications. It's flowing dance-like movements can express profound elements of the structure and dynamics of language and music. 

In performance is added a rich world of colour through lighting and costumes, all combining with movement, sound and vision into a unified, harmonious, uplifting and therapeutic experience. 

Eurythmy classes in the College aim to develop receptivity for language and movement, increase social and spatial awareness, develop imagination and encourage confidence in movement and expression. Individual students may also have eurythmy therapy sessions designed specifically for them.

Gymnastics and Eurythmy are both supported and strengthened by a rich vein of Drama which runs through the annual cycle of life in both college and community.