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Individual Therapies

Nurturing transformation and renewal in the whole person

Through the curriculum, community living and the range of specialised therapies that are offered at The Mount, we aim to help each individual student to develop their intellectual capacities, social-emotional intelligence and the skill and coordination of their limbs, to prepare them to enter adult life as fully as possible. 

We offer a broad spectrum of therapies, each of which addresses the whole person in a specific way They are applied very much in response to the unique needs of the individual at a particular time, and with their own motivation and consent.

The Medical Advisor to The Mount indicates which therapies will strengthen and balance specific aspects of the student's constitution. Therapies are then allocated by the Therapy Group, including therapists, tutors and house-coordinators, which meets regularly and is responsible for the therapeutic needs of the students.

Speech and Language Therapy helps to build communication skills and the therapist co-creates meaningful situations where students can practise their speech, language and social skills in whatever media are most accessible and dynamic for them.

Painting Therapy works primarily to enrich and activate the student's powers of imagination through an exploration of the world of colour. Over time they come to trust their own experience, giving a sense of calm and certainty. The focus of the therapeutic effect unfolds during the painting process and is much less concerned with the finished product. Painting therapy encourages expression and awareness of emotions.

Massage Therapy focuses on healing and harmonising the individual's whole body experience. 

Therapeutic Gymnastics for the individual helps the student to explore, develop and consolidate their experience of orientation in space.

Therapeutic Eurythmy in individual sessions is given in accord with indications from the Medical Advisor in order to stimulate and strengthen the healing and balancing forces within the individual's own organism. This is addressed through learning and practising specific movements and gestures expressing the relationship to the dimensions of space, to the structures and rhythms of language and the complex forms and patterns of music, all bound together into flowing, imaginative and harmonious sequences of movement. The individual is guided to 'feel' these movements and gestures inwardly through their whole body and imagination.