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The Mount's Weavery offers an environment where students develop their weaving skills and promotes improved visual motor integration, planning and sequencing.

The Weavery course gives students opportunities to develop skills through project-based learning.  Weaving gives repetitive and rhythmical movement which helps to develop fine and gross motor coordination.  As students progress the projects gain in complexity by changing from cotton through to wool and silk, increasing use of pedals, multiple colours and following more complex patterns.  The Weavery is an integral part to our sensory curriculum offering students creative and meaningful activities.  As students use different thicknesses of thread, they develop their understanding and experience of resistance by using the beater appropriately.  The different sizes and styles of looms also support differentiated needs, for example larger looms require a greater range of upper limb /shoulder girdle movement whilst students working on smaller looms require greater fine motor control.  Over time working in the Weavery, students develop a range of physical skills, for example their eye-hand coordination, posture, core stability, strength and perseverance.

The students embed their functional skills within the weaving by following and checking simple to complex patterns, developing ability to use left and right as well as up to six foot pedals.  Students complete a written and photographic journey of their learning in the workshop giving an opportunity to develop writing and ICT skills. 

As part of the course, students are also introduced to different textiles for example silk painting, wet and needle felting. Towards the end of College 3, students have an opportunity to make a ‘Diploma’ piece of work and present this to the community.  This final masterpiece of work brings together many of the skills learned and allows the student to confidently give a presentation of their work.

The Weavery workshop offers a calm, relaxing environment where students can become focused on their task and develop a will to persevere through to completing a product. The majority of the work is individual and students are encouraged to respect each other and each other’s work.

Students progress well in the Weavery developing a wide range of skills in this context. Students have an opportunity to achieve Pearson Edexcel units towards an accredited qualification. The units often incorporated within the Weavery are Exploring 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Art.

Our Weavery tutor Aiko Fujishita has lived and worked in Camphill Communities since 2007 and has specifically taught weavery since 2011.  Aiko moved to The Mount in 2018 and is a house coordinator and Weavery tutor.  Aiko brings much experience and expertise of using weaving as a medium to develop students’ ownership of products and inner confidence in their own abilities.  Aiko liaises with house coordinators and parents giving updates on progress and celebrating the success of products made.