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Welcome to The Mount Camphill Cohousing Community.

We are a new form of intentional community which:

  • Leads the way in creating an approach to a shared and neighbourly living that values individual choice, well-being and aspirations to live a full and active life.
  • Provides a forward thinking and empowering environment for individuals. It delivers a flexible, dynamic and modern approach to housing and community building with a clear separation of housing from care and support.  
  • Supports individuals to take control of their lives and maximise their independence while enjoying the security of tenancy of their own private room in a mutually supportive shared community household.  
  • Celebrates the unfolding of each person's potential for growth in a setting that encourages learning together, care and respect for the environment and new social forms and activities.   

Cohousing admissions is currently closed. We will not be accepting any further applications to Cohousing at this time. Thank you. 

"We are constantly in awe of your thoroughness, diplomacy and optimism... Really appreciate all you are all doing. ... Thank you so much."